This is not regarding those players that like to brute force their way through things….. this is about those special customers that come in — usually pay in cash, and then decline the after room photo.

I like all of my customers, and it’s really none of my business but maybe this post is more of a PSA. We know…..and if we know, others probably know too.

There is a story of a guy that comes into the same Escape Room (not mine) and plays the same room over and over, each time accompanied by a different lady and each time is “his first time”. The staff, of course, plays along and you gotta give him props for wanting to demonstrate to his date just how good he is at this LOL.

But these other couples are obviously in the new stages of love — and the one refusing the photo always has a funny story about witness protection. Then there are the ones who take the photo…..forget something after leaving, only to return and ask for us to delete it.

When we see someone on camera cheating in the room we call and stop you — unfortunately, it would be completely inappropriate to call you out and tell you not to cheat outside of our room.

So instead we will continue to welcome you and whomever you choose to bring with you AND invite you back to do our other rooms, again with whomever you’d like to join you!

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