Yesterday we had a full day of Corporate Groups. I LOVE when companies bring their managers, employees or co-workers in for a teambuilding event! Escape Rooms are not only fun but they really help facilitate problem-solving and critical thinking.

We have three escape rooms — the Wild West Bank Robbery, Superhero Bank Escape, and The “Yippee Ki Yay” Tower Heist. Many corporate groups will book all 3 at the same time. We don’t suggest it be a competition but it always becomes one.

Watching corporate groups in a room is a little different than watching friends and family. You can easily see the ones working diligently on the puzzles, you can spot the supervisor that tends to check in and see how the problem solving is going and then there almost always tends to be that one person who looks like they’re doing a lot…. but as they walk around the room aren’t really contributing at all.

I stress for the group to have fun and not overthink things (that is usually met with laughter), but you can feel the underlying pressure to perform well in the setting.

THIS is a great thing to bring together co-workers! This is a teamwork exercise that your staff will look forward to!!