Escape Room enthusiasts have usually done all the rooms in their area, most travel and do rooms around the country and sometimes around the world. I have had many come through my escape rooms and with that comes the stress and anxiety comparable to getting your SAT scores!

As an owner, I value their opinions and insight and try to use their experiences in other rooms to make my escape rooms a fantastic time for all to enjoy.

There are also solo players that will add themselves to a booking with others and one of those happened today. He has played all of my rooms and is always very aware when playing to not blow through the puzzles and take the fun away from newbies (teamwork is a key part of solving the rooms). He said that my “Yippee Ki Yay” room was so much fun it was one of his top in the DFW area. I’ve been on Cloud 9 the rest of the day!!

And then late tonight we had more enthusiasts come to play — it was a very hectic and busy Saturday (they usually are) but I was excited to have these two couples come and play as well. They seemed to like both of the rooms (Yippee and Superheroes) — gave me some great feedback and left happy, which is always the goal at the end of the day!!