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At Can You Rob The Bank?, THE Bank Heist Escape Room in Dallas — you’ll combine puzzle solving, clue finding, and code cracking skills all while racing against the clock. Choose from our Wild West Robbery, our “Yippee Ki Yay %#!$&!” Tower Heist (for a limited time!), or the  Superhero Bank Escape.

THIS is the place to spend quality fun time with family and friends, unique date nights, a great place for gamers to step into our challenging scenarios and the best way to celebrate a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party! If you are a tourist in Dallas, you’ll want to add our Escape Room on your list of things to do — come conquer our room while you’re in town.

And for our corporate clients, team building that your employees will actually look forward to! If you like being IN the experience and not just watching someone else have all the fun, then escape rooms are just the thing for you.

Book now, show up, choose your superhero cape, a cowboy hat or some party attire and channel your inner bank robber! But remember, you’ll have to work together to communicate and use some critical thinking to get the money and get out before time runs out!

Need a great gift idea — gift certificates available now!

** PLEASE NOTE. Vouchers purchased for Holiday Bookings are only valid during selected Holiday Booking Times. **

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