My staff tries very hard to remind people not to walk out with props, locks, and keys. It’s funny how some of our customers walk out with bandannas or ties still on from the room. It is usually met with laughter.

Every once and awhile a group will leave and as we are resetting we can’t find a key, a lock, once…. even a watch. We have backups for practically everything but all items are usually returned by an unnecessarily embarrassed customer (it happens, we understand and appreciate those that return things).

I realized today after resetting the Superhero room that 4 rolls of coins were missing from the box. I can’t imagine accidentally walking out with $20 worth of rolled “coins” so I really wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall when they were opened to only reveal little metal pipes from Home Depot instead of money.

My escape room asks Can You Rob The Bank….. we mean that figuratively, just sayin.