My employees have a dry erase board in the monitoring room so that they can post messages to each other — or to me. One Sunday I arrived to see “Saturdays are Hell”. Now, at first, I kinda laughed because they’re right. But Saturdays are THE day — it’s busy, it’s fast and if something goes wrong it can disrupt the whole day.

THIS was one of those days. First-time slots of the day — triple booked, went smoothly — next time slots double booked…. also pretty smooth but then the 3 o’clock hour was upon us. The phone had been relentlessly ringing and lots of bookings (always grateful!) but as a group arrived for 2 rooms on the wrong day, one of the other rooms had to cancel, was going to reschedule for Sunday and then called to cancel their cancellation after another group had already swooped in and took the available slot.

It was absolute chaos for about 15 minutes until some restructuring magic somehow allowed me to resolve the situation.

Unfortunately, I did take a financial hit because I lost the canceled room booking due to their flight the next day but at least the birthday didn’t have to suffer from not reading the confirmation email.

Note to users: ALWAYS read the confirmation email, it’s important….I promise — it covers parking and rescheduling fees among other things.