In the fall in Texas, Friday nights suck. There’s just no other way to say it. High School Football really does a number on to the attendance of escape rooms (obviously a non-verifiable statistic based only on my booking reports and opinion). And that slow trend kind of stretches on to Sundays. It’s feast or famine depending on who and what time they play.

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, I forgo running my promo video on the lobby TV for a few hours and play the football game. This Sunday was not bad since the playoff game was last night but today was walk-in day.

It is hard to schedule sometimes when it looks like its going to be dead and as an owner, you really don’t want to pay your employees to just chill in the lobby but there is only so much cleaning and social media marketing one can do when it’s slow.

But today I only scheduled one employee (and he is coming down with that cold that everyone has) my other employees for the day agreed to be on call. And that call came in at 3 pm. We are double booked and it is Family Dinner Sunday for me (every other weekend my brother and my son try to have dinner and a movie together) I know awwww right?

But just as I had wrapped up dinner and was on my way back home a distress call came in from my now very sick employee who was then sent home and I diverted my path to my escape room to run the last group of the day and then sprayed down the place with Lysol before shutting off the lights and finally heading home.

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