Which Superhero would you partner with for an escape room?

Let’s say you had to team up with a superhero or supervillain for a mission…

Mission: Infiltrate the base and retrieve the formula that contains the cure for a new virus

Location: Mt. Everst, Heavily Guarded Military Base

Should you choose to accept this mission, we’ve prepared some interesting characters that we believed would best assist you on this mission. There are 3 major factors that need to be considered when choosing your team. 

  1. Intuition –  ability to understand something without the need for conscious reasoning
  2. Communication – means of sending or receiving information
  3. Teamwork – combined action of a group of people

(Sherlock Holmes was not an option because he could solve just about any puzzle)


The caped crusader and considered to be the “World’s Greatest Detective.”

He’s spent years training in martials arts and solving the DC universe’s mysteries.

Definitely got some great perks here… gadgets, weapons specialist, the batmobile…

You’ve definitely got a lot of options with the Dark Knight.

Mr. Fantastic:

Dr. Reed Richards is known as the “World’s Smartest Human.”
Why? Not only can he stretch his entire body and was already a world class inventor.

He can stretch his brain as well which gives him the ability to always be learning and developing newer and better inventions. (His inventions is what funds the Fantastic Four)


Peter Parker aka the friendly neighborhood Spiderman swings into action.
He’s brilliant when it comes to thinking on the fly thanks to his spidey-senses.
Don’t discount his smarts either, he once tried to make a serum to cure his spider powers
but ended up growing 4 arms instead. (See I told you he was smart)

The Joker:

Batman’s Arch Nemesis and ultimate rival. Considered to be the World’s Greatest Villain…
He’s repetitively thrown Batman into loops of puzzles and mazes. It is well known that The Joker definitely dedicates his life to crime, but it’s always in competition with The Dark Knight on who has the last laugh. Wouldn’t you want the most elaborate villain on your team? 

Lex Luthor:

Lex is the most intelligent human being on Earth. He is also the smartest engineer and wealthiest businessman. He could turn the world into a Utopia free of crime a sickness if not for his obsession with beating Superman. He has also used various battle suits of his own creation that allows him to go for extended bouts with the likes of Superman and other super humans.

Might not be that bad of a partner to have…


The Man of Steel, an alien that saves Earth. Weird to think about but hey I’ll take it. Superman gets powered by the sun… so he just has to stand outside and catch a tan. Then he can save the world. Pretty simple stuff. He has super strength, super speed, freeze breath, laser eyes, and stays in great shape 24/7. (I’m not bitter) Pretty much the best of the best right?

Here’s my choice… Spiderman!

Here me out… if I’m having to infiltrate a military base that’s heavily guarded. Then I want as much intuition as I can get. Spidey senses won it for me. As much as I could be well thought on on having a plan on getting inside and breaking out. However, what happens on the inside is important. I still gotta make it out! That’s why my answer is Spiderman… my next choice would be Mr. Fantastic just because he has the ability to stretch extremely thin and would be able to get out of sticky situations with his smarts and rubberlike body.

Who would you choose?

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